Progressive F# Tutorials

November 6, 2011

I had a bunch of friends attend and tweet about the Progressive F# tutorials this past week. I couldn’t quite instantaneously make it to London for the conference, so I’ve been following up watching the videos (all online, here: Don Syme’s keynote is great, and from what I’ve seen of the rest of the talks, I’d love to be able to head over for the next one. Or have one here!

F# Koans

The other supercool thing I learned about was the F# Koans – Chris Marinos created a project based onEdgecase’s Ruby Koans. The way it works, you’re presented with a project full of failing tests, and you’re required to adjust them to passing. This walks you through very basic examples, and requires you to actually interact with the language. I had tons of fun! It took me a while to finish them all — and I’ll admit I had no end of trouble with the Options one — but I solidified some knowledge & learned a few new things, and I’d recommend them to anyone just starting out! Or not, ‘cause I bet you’ll learn something anyway! ;)

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