F# Community Code Sprint

July 17, 2014

This weekend, Nashville had our first Community Code Sprint. Modeled after the code sprint that NYC held last October, we gathered a group of folks interested in F# (10 of us this time! We had folks even drive in from Georgia and Indianapolis!) and hacked on open source F# projects all day. In the car back from CodeStock (also amazing!) the day before, Tomas Petricek, Paul Blasucci, and I brainstormed a few easy to tackle projects to make sure we had good starting points for anyone who didn’t have a plan on arrival; shortly after arrival and coffee intake, everyone sat down while we reviewed the suggested ideas — and we were off!

I looked first at something I’d been planning to fix for months — support for Mono out of the box for the SQLProvider. I’d hacked together my own version previously and knew it was just a matter of remembering the few changes I’d made. It took a couple hours to get exactly right, but I submitted a PR around noon. :D I next started fiddling with the F# binding for Xamarin, but that’s been a tad more slow finding my way around.

In addition to bunches of bugs fixed in FSharp.Formatting and F# Project Scaffold, we had two other really cool projects come out of the Sprint: Karlkim Suwamongkol’s very cool FsReveal and Luke Sandell’s awesome COM type provider! I highly recommend checking out both of them.

We’re planning to hold the Nashville Code Sprints once a quarter. Hope to see you at the next one!

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