Boston Code Camp! And upcoming Community for F# talk!

April 6, 2013

I’m rather late at posting my content from the Boston Code Camp talks, but it was because it was just that much fun I needed the extra time to recover? I’ll go with that option. :)

I gave two talks:

– my Getting Started with F# talk that I’ve given a bunch of times before (VT .NET group, NY F# group, NY Code Camp, Richmond Code Camp, Philly Code Camp) which went over really well. My final example uses the WSDL type provider to grab the local current temperatures, and even though *I’ve* always thought it’s a good sample, it was fun to see it get applause. One audience member even commented they were planning to head to a different talk during the next slot, but that demo convinced them to stick around for the Type Providers talk. Aw shucks. :D

– and my second talk, Consuming Data with F#’s Type Providers. This was only the second time I’d given this talk, but type providers are really an easy win. They’re fun, they’re easy, people <3 them. I’m going to really enjoy giving this talk.

I’ve reorganized my code samples and the powerpoints for both. I’ll leave the old version of the slides for the Getting Started talk on slideshare (link in previous post if you *really* want to see them), but updated versions are with the code samples over on github.

If you’ve not seen the Getting Started talk yet, you’re in LUCK. I’ll be presenting it online for the Community for F# on April 16, noon EST. Details here:  If you miss it, you’ll be able to catch the recording later. I’d love to know what you think about it!

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